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    Enhance your outdoor
    tennis experience with our
    meticulously crafted tufted
    or needle punch surfaces.
    Each method offers distinct advantages, with tufted surfaces boasting a plush pile akin to carpeting. Our outdoor courts
    feature a clay or sand infill, replicating the feel of natural grass or clay courts. Meanwhile, our indoor courts utilise needle
    punch surfaces, eliminating the need for infill.

    Explore our Tennis Court Surface Options

    Tailored to meet the diverse needs of clubs, playing standards, and maintenance budgets, our range includes five outdoor surface options, aligned with ITF pace ratings from 1 (slow) to 5 (fast).

    Effortless Maintenance for Optimal Performance

    Recognising the challenges faced by tennis clubs with limited volunteer support, our tennis surfaces are engineered for minimal upkeep. With a quick turnaround time of just 30 minutes post-rainfall, our courts are always ready for play.


    Simplified maintenance protocols ensure consistent playing quality and longevity, ensuring your investment delivers enduring performance.


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