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    Our Multi-Sport Surfaces (MUGA) offer versatility
    for various sports such as football, hockey, netball,
    tennis, basketball, and more.
    These solutions have been exported for international use and implemented in numerous schools, sports clubs worldwide. Unlike
    artificial turf, our Multi-Sport surfaces are highly durable, significantly reducing the impact of regular wear and tear.

    Explore our Multi Sport Surface Options

    For multi sport surface installations our needle punch surfaces are ideally suited for sports such as hockey, tennis and other small ball sports. Matchplay 2 is an ideal all-round sports pitch surface due to its high performance and durability and as an additional benefit, the coefficient of friction for Matchplay2 makes it suitable for wheelchair based sports.


    Matchwinner Velour is a sand dressed needle punch surface designed with a random pile which benefits various ball sports that require a medium to low ball bounce. Our Multi Sport (MUGA) surfaces are readily available in over 12 colours and if you requires a specific Pantone colour this also can be considered.

    Effortless Maintenance for Optimal Performance

    Artificial MUGA surfaces are cheaper to maintain than natural grass pitches, but you should still consider how you will manage the upkeep of the pitch and choose a surface that you can realistically manage to maintain. We can advise you on the type and level of maintenance required for each of our surfaces.

    Discover how our Multi-sports surfaces are installed

    Multi sport surface installation video

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